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Curriculum: Core & Elective Classes

We welcome everyone who wants to learn how to move to the beat, no matter what your background: Our carefully constructed class series will get you on the dance floor so that you can enjoy St. Louis's wealth of live jazz and blues music the way it was meant to be enjoyed: dancing!

Each 4 week lesson series is $75/person. No partner required!

See our current class offerings.

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum offered by LHSL consists of six classes each a month long: three beginner level and three intermediate.

Our Beginning Lindy Hop classes can be taken in any order, but all are required to progress to intermediate level. Prerequisite classes may not be taken simultaneously.

Videography services generously donated by dancer Martin Balk of Avenue B Creative Group. If you like what you see, check him out on Vimeo!

Beginning Lindy Hop: Swingin' with Triple Steps

Learn the fundamentals of Lindy Hop, the original swing dance, with a focus on triple step rhythms. This class is for absolute beginners: no experience required!

Beginning Lindy Hop: Kickin’ - Up-beat Swing and Charleston

Get back to the roots of swing dancing in this four week series on single count swing and Charleston. We cover this upbeat 1920's dance style along with other 8 count swing patterns. This class is for absolute beginners: no experience or partner required!

Intermediate Lindy Hop: Swing Outs Level 1

Take off with the iconic 8 count pattern of Lindy Hop: the Swing Out! Named for Charles Lindbergh’s iconic “hop” over the Atlantic, Lindy Hop’s dynamic movement uses your partner’s momentum to create the feeling of flight. Requires 8 weeks of prior beginner classes, comfort with triple steps, and familiarity with 6 and 8 count patterns.

Intermediate Lindy Hop: Swing Outs Level 2

Refine swing out connection and technique, practice new variations and turns, and smooth out your transitions for seamless social dancing. Requires completion of Swing outs Level 1.

Electives and Workshops

Lindy Hop St. Louis offers a variety of additional electives and workshops. These electives change constantly, but the following list may give you some ideas:

Balboa Recap Video

Balboa Recap Video

Introduction to Balboa

Balboa is a classic 1920’s dance marked by small, quick footwork and elegant style. It can be integrated into classic Lindy Hop swing and is an excellent tool for faster music. Prior Swing Dance experience recommended.

Balboa Bootcamp [Recap Video]

Dips & Tricks [Recap Video]

Single-Step/Charleston Swing Outs

Learn a fresh twist on the iconic 8 count pattern of Lindy Hop, the swing out. This class teaches 8 count footwork patterns building towards a variation of the swing out without triple-steps. Requires comfort with 8 count swingouts.

St. Louis Shag [Recap video]

Partnering [Recap video]

Swing Out Variations [Recap video]

Other past offerings include Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Blues, and Musicality.