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Creating Safe Spaces

Lindy Hop St. Louis' current code of conduct policy is below:

Lindy Hop St. Louis is committed to fostering safe and comfortable dance spaces for everyone attending our events. Our events are a celebration of community; to be in community, we must all work to create an environment of respect for each other and each others' boundaries. It is our expectation that everyone will take an active role in creating a safe, fun social environment. Please follow three simple steps to help make our events safe spaces for all who are present:

  1. Take ownership of your actions and language. If someone indicates verbally or non-verbally that you are making them uncomfortable, check your behavior, apologize sincerely, and make a change.
  2. Educate yourself about what language and behaviors constitute harassment and avoid them.
  3. Interact with others in a mature and respectful way that contributes to an overall fun and positive environment.
For additional guidelines, follow the rules listed on this handy infographic:


Infographic by: Holy Lindy Land


If you experience or observe a situation that threatens the safety of our event spaces, you can take action in one of the following ways:


  1.  Report it to Beccy Aldrich (pictured here) or another staff member at the event. (If you don't know who the staff members are, just ask and someone will point them out.)

  2. Email a detailed description of the incident to

  3. Report the incident using our reporting form:


We believe that everyone has an absolute right to feel safe and respected. Any reported concerns will be treated professionally and confidentially. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind, and Lindy Hop St. Louis reserves the right to address harassing behavior in any way it deems appropriate.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that our events provide safe dance and social spaces!

If you'd like to share a comment or raise a question with LHSL, we encourage you to email Beccy (


2015 Community Forum Recap

In August and September 2015, LHSL held a community forum about comfort and safety in swing dance spaces as the start of an ongoing effort in this area. About 40 of you turned out (which is so great!) and took part in a 2-hour discussion facilitated by Christina Meneses of the YWCA.

The conversation touched on a lot of important topics and we know we only scratched the surface. Input from all dancers is welcome and there's no need to have attended the previous forums to participate in future ones. This is a community effort that we're figuring out as we go and the more of us that come together to work on it, the better. A brief summary of August's forum and the other feedback we received was typed up by Beccy Aldrich and you can view it here.